Thursday, 20 September 2012

Cinéma Verité

Number One on the ‘Shebug Watch List’ is none other than a QUEEN. And not just any queen, but the Queen of Versailles…Does the noble lady speak French? Non, but at her name, Jacqueline, is très Français

The ex-beauty queen nabbed her first title, Mrs. Florida, in 1993. Jackie then married husband number two, the thirty-one year older, thrice-divorced billionaire, David Siegel.

Jackie once commented on what made her husband tick.  “His No. 1 hobby is work, and his No. 2 hobby, he would say, is sex. He doesn’t need Viagra. He says I’m his Viagra.’’ Of this, one requires little convincing; a mere glance at the shadowy depths between Mrs. Seigel’s super-sized breasts echoes volumes.
However, the mogul’s multi-millions took a nosedive straight for the jagged rocks. Now their confused brood is forced to travel on commercial flight and must wonder just who all the other passengers are.
The American couple resides nowhere near Europe, but in sunny Florida. Their Versailles’esque 90,000 square foot lakefront palace boasts 15 bedrooms, 30 bathrooms, 11 kitchens, a fully kitted spa, six pools, plus a stadium tennis court seating 200, and an indoor skating rink for their eight children. Did I mention the 20 car garage?
The number of staff, post bubble burst, has dropped from fifteen strong to one. Don’t even ask about the peacock headcount, or the revised private jet tally lest your eyes well up with pity. How ghastly for poor Jacqueline: no more £11,000 to spend on a pair of boots. Imagine that!
But the couple wasted little time on a lavish farewell pity party at the palace. In fact, the entire Seigel riches-to-rags saga has been made into a reality style film aptly named the Queen of Versailles.
Jackie may have swapped caviar for French fries, but her hopes remain deep-rooted: she has recently signed a television deal in the US that will help her keep up with the new Jones’.
The question on everyone’s lips is: who will buy their unfinished faux Palais listed at $65 million?
The other one is: will the Queen of Versailles trade-up her 74 & broke husband for a better model now that celebrity-dom has settled upon her too-tan shoulders?
Watch the film and post your verdict!

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