Monday, 11 November 2013


San Francisco 1980s

Do not underestimate the power of a ‘B’, particularly when a Shebug possesses all three: Beauty, Brains and Breeding.

Anything less than ideal simply does not register on Victoire Vestey’s radar, unless it’s a stepping-stone on her trajectory to San Francisco’s highest peaks-whether straight or gay.  Vivienne, her très chic mother, secures her daughter a professional eminence ripe for plucking & profiting. 

But the Parisian’s daughter’s idea of success does not equate to enjoying free face-lifts or other physical enhancements on tap. Three years of as International Marketing Manager in the high tech offices of Bassadai based in Silicon Valley has provided Victoire access to prey who rake in much higher long-term yields.

Victoire's boss and Chief Executive, Peter Prentice, possesses the three ‘Ds’: Drive, Determination and unerring Dress Sense. Though secret-ridden, Prentice ranks as one of the top five Bachelors-By-The-Bay where he holds court to the crème de la crème in enviable style. 

But not only is the CEO’s skeleton becoming more and more difficult to keep in the closet, it is keeping the Bible-belt based parent company from admitting Peter into their highest echelons. Clever, he lays all suspicions to rest in a bold move in the bawdiest desert oasis of them all: Las Vegas.

No one is more surprised by the news than software programmer Willard. The torch he has carries for the ice cool blonde since setting eyes on her blows up in his face upon hearing of their alliance.

Short-circuited from head to toes, Willard resigns on the spot, no explantions given. Any and all attempts to lure him back to Bassadai are rejected. The greasy-hair computer geek gets sucked into a windowless depression. A propitious flash of inspiration saves him from imminent self-destruction. From that moment on, Willard pours himself solely into his work to numb his heartache. And in doing so, the genius within springs to life.

In little time, Silicon Valley hushes down and takes notice…

Meanwhile, the photogenic golden couple bask in the limelight until photographic evidence of Peter’s parallel activities find their way into Victoire’s hands. The financial implications of her discovery tickle her insatiable taste buds and within months, Victoire sets her fool-proof plan into action. And who better to cast as the key pawn in her sinister plot than lovelorn Willard?

Peter's remorse is genuine; he loves Victoire and is grief-stricken knowing he has lost her trust. And her love. 

But little does he know that behind the platinum blonde's pious picture of perfection lurks a venomous Shebug ready to pounce, sting and bag it all.

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