Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Shebug Origin: West Coast - Chapter Three

Chapter Three

Chapter Three Bassadai had exceeded Electra’s sales and profit targets four years in a row. I’ve proven I’m unbeatable, unstoppable, Peter thought, frustrated that the offer of joining Electra’s golden corporate triumvirate and despite his perfect track record had not yet materialized.
Peter was finally forced to confront the bigger picture: the ‘three wise men’, as he referred to them behind their backs, were no-nonsense Midwesterners, family men grown and nurtured in the country’s Bible belt. Peter, however, was of cut from a different cloth, the odd man out. But he was damned if this very personal aspect was going to block his way to the very pinnacle of success he had toiled long and hard to reach.
 He sighed, pursed his lips and dialled his mother’s number in Florida.
“Mom, I have some good news for you.” He took a deep breath and said through a forced smile. “I’ve decided to get married.”

# # # #

Artemis spent his time supervising the Bassadai Think Tank, better known as BTT, and in back-to-back corporate meetings preparing for January’s Consumer Electronics Show, or CES, in Las Vegas. Any hope of connecting with Victoire got snuffed before he could pick up the phone and make a date.
But when he learned Victoire was attending the same party at Prentice’s, his fatigue evaporated.
“I look forward to seeing you then, Artemis,” she said sweetly. “Any longer and I would have forgotten what you looked like.”
Artemis smiled and shook his head. “Damn, that’s one sexy blonde,” he muttered before replacing the receiver.
“What’s that?’ Willy asked, bringing him a folder and seeing his boss’ eyes lit up again.
“Women,” he chuckled, “just women.”

Willy nodded his head in agreement, left his ideas on the scientist’s desk and went off to have lunch and mentally undress the same one.

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