Saturday, 30 March 2013

Belated Thanks

A much overdue 'DANKIE' to South Africa's top director, Johannesburg mover & shaker, Sergio Jofre of GRANDEfilms.

My friend Leslie published a book and it got a review by David Abbot (THE David Abbot). How can you not buy it with such endorsement?
Shebug is a satirical exposé of the dreaded female fortune hunter. It covers all one needs to know: from how to protect against her kind, to discovering the signs before she inflicts irreparable damage. The illustrated guide uncovers her array of cunning camouflage and highlights her below-the-belt tactics. This tour de force will enable victims--male and female--to effectively identify an approaching Shebug with the optimal “repellant”, before she is able to bleed your bank account dry.

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