Thursday, 11 April 2013

The Ultimate Inner Carrot

We may be in the middle of April, but summer is still scheduled to arrived upon the shores of the Northern Hemisphere. Seeing the temperatures in the UK this winter have rivaled those of Siberia,  is it any wonder most of us have been hibernating-- and increasing our padding since Christmas?

For many, our muffin tops have become even more voluptuous since Easter break. Being a chocoholic, I confess I have not stopped tucking into dark, rich organic chocolate with sea salt since Easter Sunday. 

Complacency is insidious and can be as hard to shake as a Shebug. If you don’t believe me, ask your favourite pair of jeans...

So what’s the cure? 

A Shebug, funny enough: bring one to mind, whether known to you or an (in)famous one. Her over-confident stare alone will fire up your engines into action again: if you feel piqued, you will react. The trick is to keep the momentum alive.

Two days ago, I found myself whinging about the tightness of my jeans with a friend over a macchiato and a muffin. Because we're still wearing boots and coats, we’ve become lazy--which is exactly what every Shebug in your radius hopes for. So whilst you wine about those extra inches with the girls as you sip your second latte and share a pastry, you are cutting all communication with your most tough-but -trusted ally: discipline.

Chose a picture of your most dreaded Shebug and post it where you can view to it often. Put a famous one up as your screen saver, like Angelina Jolie (pre-humanitarian, she poached Brad from wife, Jennifer...) Use that pesky Shebug as your inner carrot to be the very best that you can be.

I snapped out of my stupor only yesterday when I saw a striking Shebug I am acquainted with on Facebook. Thanks to her first 'sugar daddy', she now spends most of her time globe trotting on a diet of champagne and caviar. But has she let herself become complacent? 

Never. She might be spoiled, but she’s pure Shebug!

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