Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Heart Breakers

Shebugs are rapidly shoving their silver foxes (fur coats and milked men...) into the recesses of their cupboard now that spring is teasing its way onto the scene. The time to bare, bewitch, and bag-a-billionaire is about to begin for this greedy lot.

Booking a standard mani-pedi these days you might as well bring a copy of War and Peace and take a number. Beauty salons are booked to the gills. Though still chilly, flip flops are already de rigueur on the Kings Road. 

Not all prowling Shebugs have the budget to book themselves in to get a seasonal MOT (annual British check up for cars), nor shop at Chanel for so much as a new nail varnish. But somehow, they manage to look the part and pull off their duplicitous plots with pluck.

The film ‘Heartbreakers’ shows just what goes on behind closed doors in the land of Shebugs. It’s like pulling back the curtain and hearing their every thought, watching their every move and witnessing their every triumph.

The story line revolves around a mother/daughter Shebug act featuring Sigourney Weaver and Jennifer Love Hewitt. Their key targets are Gene Hackman and Ray Liotta. The Shebugs have their act down to purrfection. Every penny made goes straight back into the business. They might be in the penthouse suite of a five star hotel, but they never leave home without the sewing machine. They spruce up their wardrobe, don different wigs, become foreign femmes fatales at the snap of a finger.

Mother and daughter think on their feet before going horizontal with their rich prey. Their timing is military in precision and their gift of improvisation is Oscar-worthy when things do not quite go as planned.

They are BAD and have one and only one thing in mind: to con men out of their money. But in spite of their dubious intentions, you cannot help but root for them and hope they hoodwink their tricky millionaires all the way to the bank.

I give this Shebug movie a 10 out of 10. Do you have one you would like to recommend?

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