Friday, 3 May 2013

SHEBUG Origin: England

Book 3
SHEBUG Origin: England

Lazy to the core, the opportunist secretary trawling for an affluent solicitor knows a golden prospect when she sees one--even if her target is an American.  Miranda Mellor’s plumy British accent and whippet thin physique are not the only aces in her deck of dirty cards…
Behind her comely face lies a cunning and dangerous hunter. However, in Brandon Brocklehurst III’s eyes, the pale face, doting English girl is the cure to his broken heart.
What Miranda does not bank on is Brandon’s twin sister, Brenda, an Alpha Female with x-ray vision and a taste for adventure.
The endurance of the women’s patience for one another gets put to the test when they all gather for a family holiday at the Brocklehurst’s stunning hacienda in Mexico.
It goes to show that a man can be smart, yet not smart enough!

SHEBUG Origin: England is the third novel in the Shebug Stories series.
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