Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Confused and Contrary

People are all different. So are Shebugs. Swarms of this annoying breed feel as restless and as confused as many of us. But, leave it to a Shebug to kick and scream, shock and steal the headlines when at sea without a compass.

Back in the news is ex-broadcaster, ex-journalist, ex-Christian, ex-reality television survivor, Lauren Booth. Her sister, Cherie, is married to ex-British Prime Minister, Tony Blair. Cherie is actually her half sister-so not much of a sibling resemblance there.

Lauren is not one to live in anybody’s shadow least of all Cherie’s. Whilst her sibling resided at 10 Downing Street, Lauren went from reporting news to becoming a reality television contestant on I’m a Celebrity Get Me Outta Here.

A year after Blair became a Catholic like his wife, the divorced mother of two made a bigger splash: she swapped her spiffy hat for a jihab and converted to Islam. This time, Lauren has morphed into a peace activist, a public speaker and a champion for Muslim Women’s rights.

No sooner did the dust settle,  Ms Booth posted an entry on her Facebook page indicating that she was on the prowl: 

I’ll give her 10/10 on originality, 7/10 for wit. Posting a husband-hunting ad smacks of desperation enough; to pen a soppy one would be positively ineffectual…

Amusingly, Ms Booth’s Facebook ad yielded fruit after all. His name is Sohale Ahmed.

That Lauren’s new husband is already married and has three children was not an issue; Islam allows a man four wives. But Islamic law also states that a first wife be informed about subsequent unions. Mrs Faiza Ahmed, aka wife Number One, claims that she was the last to know of Sohale's recent marriage to the poaching peace pacifist. And not just face-to-face, but via text...

By the way, did I forget to mention that Lauren Booth’s mother was Jewish?

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