Thursday, 26 September 2013

Dis Grace Prints

Certain women have distinctive trademark looks that set them apart from the masses. Leopard ballet flats were mine 30 years ago when nobody else dared walk on the wild side. Soon after these wore out, I spotted a pair of flat Italian pony boots on Park Avenue and made them mine. But, alas, my trademark print continues to thrive in the mainstream so no wearing my wonderful leopard look till it dies down.

Interestingly, pins were Madeleine Albright’s distinctive fashion statement. The former US ambassador to the UN’s choice varied depending upon which head of state she was scheduled to negotiate with. A serpent with a gem in its mouth sparkled provocatively upon her lapel when she last saw dealt with Saddam Hussein. Yasser Arafat was met with a warning wasp. Ms Albright let everyone know exactly where you stood with good taste, ingenuity and taste. That's real style.

A high ranking African player marks her terrain clothed in animal prints. But unlike the feline-look norm, her trademark twist guarantees that nobody else would even dream of wearing this notorious shopaholic’s pet peeve print.

The 48 year-old Shebug is no ordinary creepy crawler; she secured herself a very high title, indeed: First Lady of Zimbabwe. Many refer to her as Gucci Grace, though her real name is Grace Mugabe. But the people’s choice of moniker is Dis Grace. She worked as Robert Mugabe’s secretary whilst she was married to an air force pilot. The Shebug became the dictator’s mistress, bore him a couple of children then became one his wife - after the previous Mrs. Mugabe allegedly committed suicide.

Grace’s choice of spots is the cheetah. But not just any cheetah…Hers is crouching, ready to pounce and maulAnother print to her liking is an abstract black and white motif shaped like razor blades with white doves in flight crowning each sharp blade.  If this doesn’t read under- this- peaceful- exterior –lies- a –lethal-First –Lady, nothing does…

Take a close look at this matching ensemble the tyrannical couple selected to wear at a political rally. The face emblazoned upon the fabric is Mugabe’s. I find this His & Hers statement a bit too kitsch, wouldn’t you agree? After all, he is already 89…

As the once bountiful but still beautiful nation of Zimbabwe continues to be raped and plundered, Shebug Dis Grace has only this retort when confronted with her regular shoe shopping sprees:

‘I have very narrow feet, so I can only wear Ferragamo.’ 


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