Thursday, 25 October 2012

Impermeable Italian

New York born, Italian bred, once-divorced Annunziata holds a degree in International Law. She earned the title of ‘Man Eater’ by the press, but lost the High Court libel action against the Daily Mail publishers. Poveretta!

She literally toe-sucked her place into the celebrity spotlight bewitching the manager of the Lazio football team, Sven Goran-Eriksson. When this high profile, heated affair fizzled out, Nancy blazed a new trail in the direction of theatre/film/television director Sir Trevor Nunn, married to actress Imogene Stubbs.

Take heed: Nancy is not one to waste time on pity parties. When that juicy catch slipped from her grasp, she shook her feathers and shimmied on Strictly Come Dancing instead.

I find her dress sense more entertaining than counting the layers of make-up, coats of mascara or lashings of lip-gloss she piles on like impasto.

Nancy’s choices of outfits reflect her enviable self-assurance and child-like bravado. Who else would flash cleavage, squeeze into minis, body-hugging leather, peek-a-boo frocks, let alone appear straight-faced wearing an Cleopatra-style headdresses? What about turning up at 10 Downing Street clad in a scarlet sequins catsuit before, or after, the age of reason?

Good taste might have eluded her, but it is Nancy’s sense of extravaganza that ensures you never forget she is alive and well, fully equipped to hunt down- and trap- another high-profile multi-millionaire.

Watch this space...

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