Thursday, 1 November 2012

La Rentrée

French Shebugs cough up their prey’s cash no matter how pear shaped the economy might be. Her rich daddy will simply have to get his shoes re-soled till he finds new sources of money making, because her forays into Louboutin will continue as if nothing has changed.  The sharper her stiletto, the higher she climbs.

My recent research trip to Paris proved very telling. The joys of planting oneself at an outdoor table in the 16th arrondissement to observe makes the task of researching très worth it! 

I got my work done feasting on an amuse bouche followed by chevre rôti a la provençale, mesclun de salad aux olives, filet de dorade pochée with sauce beurre blanc and a tian de légumes gillés, culminating with a crème brulée aux fruits de saison and a sinfully dark coffee. 

September is all about ‘la rentrée’. The streets are ripe with Parisians totting their expanded number of wee ones back to l’école in style. But the Shebug at the school gates, whether in Paris or Milan, is easy to spot. Look for the immaculate mummy confidently cataloging potential prey dressed to perfection in designer outfits.

It’s too easy and defeatist to let any Shebug-at-the-gates get your dander up. Why feel a like a mouse fresh out of the spin cycle when you can take charge and invest in yourself? Begin by getting a new hairstyle and try that sassy shade you’ve always fantasized about. Revamp your wardrobe after an honest culling; the charity shops will love you.

Time to pump up your glamour quotient, ladies. So, save your pennies, check out the latest fashions and hit the sales well informed, whether heading for Yves Saint Laurent or for Zara.

And, by the way, if you’re running late for the morning school run, do what Shebugs do: throw on a fur coat over your pajamas, hide behind a pair of sunglasses and don’t forget to put on red lipstick!

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