Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Hebug Sues Ex-Superstar Girlfriend

A woman with an ‘ex’ to grind is scary, but a man, pathetic.

Case in point: Shakira stands defensively in one corner of the boxing ring, her ex-boyfriend, Antonio de la Rua, in the other, his eyes flashing sparks of envy green under the glaring spotlights.

His demands? A whopping 100 million dollars.

The songbird and the then Argentine president’s son began dating in 2000. He supposedly took control of her brand in 2004. Four years later, she landed a contract with Live Nation to the sum of 300 million dollars.

The couple parted ways two years ago. Last year, she terminated her contract with him. She has since met someone else and is pregnant with his child.

Today, Antonio claims that not only did he iron out some mysterious wrinkle that threatened her Live Nation gig but that Shakira failed to compensate him for all the work he did to develop her brand.

Really? Antonio, grow some huevos rancheros and put your big boy pants on, por favor

The hip shaker is a top grade artist in her own right. Her artistic talent eclipses 80% of the other warblers inundating our sound-waves.

This Colombian goddess has moved on. Let her –and her well earned millions—go, querido.

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  1. I think the deal needs to be fair both ways, irrespective of gender. If this guy negotiated the deal with Live Nation, and managed her career in the process, I'd demand half, or $150 Million...