Friday, 7 December 2012

The Power of Titillation

I have just returned from the fertile Pampas where the dreaded Shebug breed grows as abundantly as Argentine soya.

Here is the latest scenario jamming the airwaves and hogging the press in Buenos Aires…

Guillermina Valdés, girlfriend of TV personality, Tinelli, gets moved to his Ex-Girlfriend List after four months.  This equates to being seated in Siberia in a top   restaurant. Ouch!

The cause of the split? A Swedish ‘model’, who up until last month, was dating an ex-football player from Racing. But when a torrid video of her got out, she rapidly reassured that her sporty squeeze is not the jealous type.

Either the moral-free Scandinavian has zero understanding of the stereotypical Latin male, or she charges a pretty peso. By the hour. And tax-free.

Guillermina, also a model, qualifies as pretty despite the scalpel sculpted face and rapacious  trout- mouth. The thirty-four year old divorcée, and mother, assured the press that there were no hard feelings about her break-up with Tinelli, and that all is fine and serene under the sultry skies of Buenos Aires. 

The paparazzi have stayed close to the blonde. But one pap just hit the jackpot when he photographed Guillermina getting into her car before setting off with her children.

As you can imagine, the poor darling is mortified. Suddenly, her (bare) derriere has taken over Pippa’s. No small feat. 

Indignant, humiliated and hurt beyond words, her texts and charged responses to the press re-iterate her total shock to the photo in question that currently has the  entire nation in a tizzy.

Cheeky move? You decide.

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