Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Operation Breakfast at Tiffany's

Are diamonds truly a girl’s best friend? Apparently, not always…

A section of the FBI is busy prepping for Operation Breakfast at Tiffany’s. But this is no ‘smash & grab’ by masked thugs on motorcycles bearing axes and aggression.  This is an inside job recently discovered at iconic Tiffany & Co in New York.

The accused happens to be not just any Shebug. This time it is a ‘Corporate Creeper’. Chapter Seven in my satirical exposé, Shebug: Dissecting the Gold Digger, is dedicated to this power hungry specimen best to be avoided at all costs.

But this Corporate Creeper Shebug did a little more than step on, push out, discredit, frame, claim another’s idea or sleep her way up the corporate ladder…

Ingrid Lederhass-Okum held the position of Vice-President of Product Development at Tiffany & Co. As such, Ingrid literally held the keys to the Tiffany Treasure Trove and was able to access any piece she desired at any time. What she did not have permission to do was take permanent possession of items and then resell them to a Manhattan jeweller. I gather that somewhere along the line, after twenty years of dedication to dazzling wearable works of art, she fell under a spell and stepped into the dark side. 

Oh, how easy it would be to blame her Golum-like idée fixe for diamonds on a stingy husband who failed to provide her with highly coveted baubles…But not so fast: her very spouse acted as her accomplice in this $1.3 million heist!

A lover of all things beautiful, whether natural or man-made, I could not wait to read about the list of 165 gems Ms Lederhass-Okum selected. Feast your eyes, girls, because it looks something like this:

The couple reside in leafy Darien, Connecticut. Inside the walls of their magazine-cover home, the authorities discovered another 32 Tiffany & Co Metro diamond bracelets, each worth $10,000. 

Ingrid is charged with wire fraud and illegal interstate transport of stolen goods. She has been released after posting a $250,000 bail and has been issued travel restrictions until the courts reconvene in two week’s time. Naughty though she was, this slowly siphoning Shebug possesses impeccable taste.

The question begs which items of jewellery will she wear during her trail? 

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