Wednesday, 10 July 2013

The Vamp in the Veil

We humans are trusting by nature. And rightly so: it makes the world a nicer, more civilized place to live. Yet it is as a result of this generosity of spirit that Shebugs manage to creep and crawl onto the calm waters and soil the pond.

Their excessive boldness gene does not necessarily mean every Shebug gets to rattle our chains overtly; silicone breasts and trout lips stun most effectively, but there are a dime a dozen, frankly. For bigger ill-gained gains, more brain cells must be called into action, for this is a time 'creative camouflage' comes in very handy…

A Shebug’s goal is not always about milking a millionaire or poaching a billionaire. Her main aim is to fill her greedy coffers with as much abundance as she can, while she cans: currency, titles, corner offices, shares, jewellery and flashy cars. But property spells long term security for a leech and by amassing enough little houses in a row, she automatically garners a degree of legitimacy in the business world.

The British courts and the press are zooming their hot spotlights on a woman who goes by the name of Sara al-Amoudi. She is referred to as the Vamp in the Veil. (This ranks as an ideal disguise for a prowling London Shebug; only last month, men donning burkhas robbed of £1 million worth of watches at Selfridges...The possibilities are endless.)

The Vamp in the Veil claims to be an heiress to one of the largest fortunes. She insists on being the daughter of Sheikh Mohammed Hussein al-Amoudi, worth about £4.5 billion. But as far back as 2010, the Sheikh’s London-based spokesman said that Sara did not form part of his harem’s offspring.

Whoever she is, best beware. She comes equipped with a niqab, so you only see her green eyes and perfectly plucked brows – no more no less. Three bodyguards surround her and she needles her way up and down London streets in a chauffeur driven Rolls Royce Phanton VI. She has a penchant for alcohol, Swedish lovers, and a mobile numbers that end in 666.

Her ex-partner, from whom she siphoned off many millions, died of alcohol poisoning at the tender age of fifty. The Edinburg property developer’s portfolio was worth £25 million at the time they met.

Sara has hoarded an impressive amount of real estate for a thirty-one year old with no university credentials to show for. She owns places London’s top boroughs, West Sussex and Cornwall. It is claimed that the Shebug pulled off ‘a very accomplished fraud’ by simply convincing banks that she was a Saudi princess to secure loans, which she then used to create the illusion of astronomical wealth.

The Vamp in the Veil has since picked up the scent of fortune and easy flesh by way of the eighty-eight year old, Dominick Geoffrey Edward Browne, 4th Baron Oranmore and Browne, 2nd Baron MereworthLet us hope he reads the papers privately in a room equipped with a deadbolt and a Vamp-proof safe.

Meanwhile, the case continues with the Shebug’s real identity still at large. 

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