Wednesday, 24 July 2013

What's in a Name?

This post revolves around a Shebug whose dry cut opinions aired on ITV's This Morning show sent far-reaching ripples as far away as the Land Down Under.

She is direct, ruthless and logical, like a man – her words, not mine. The mouth lacking a strainer belongs to a Ms Katie Hopkins. She is British, blonde, and a thirty-eight year-old mother of three. This reality star might have lost out on a plumy £100,000 year  contract working for British businessman, Alan Sugar of The Apprentice. But did she shed a tear or rip out her frosted locks? Hardly: she  went off to a tropical island and flashed her enviable abs in I’m a Celebrity…Get me Out of Here instead.

Rejected by the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, and later fired by the Met Office, Katie's plan to break into the media business has manifested big time. In true Shebug style, not even the country's general loathing of her vituperative tongue gets through her well-oiled plumage. She's having way too much fun raising everybody else's dander doing the talk show circuit. Her latest gaffe aired on ITV's This Morning had my eyes glued to the television.

If you think it’s because of her open dislike of people with ginger hair (Brit-speak for redheads), or because she says that working mothers over a size eight are lazy and are too fat to work, think again. Her latest uncensored stream of verbal consciousness sent mild-mannered television host, Holly Willoughby, and a studio guest, into a tizzy. Co-presenter, Phillip Schofield, did his very best to contain the sudden flare up. But it wasn't easy. 

Katie is a self-confessed snob. Sparks erupted in the studio when she announced that she judged her children’s classmates based on their first names. To her, little ones named Tyler or Chardonnay, Brandon or Kylie, are to be avoided in the playground because  they smell of 'working class' to her snotty nostrils. They are guaranteed to be bad students, according to Ms Hopkins, who will never amount to much. 

Names taken from nature or indicating a geographical location, also fall under her ax. This swift method allows Katie to cut to the chase with a surgeon's detachment and decide whether a child qualifies as socially desirable or not in seconds flat. No waffling for this Shebug: life is either black or white; the only shades of grey she knows may only exist within the pages of a book. 

Ms Hopkins blanked out on the fact that she named her own daughters Poppy and India. At that point, she could have been excused for experiencing early menopause. But when asked about judging children’s sir names (Brit-speak for last names), she claims that she doesn’t know any of them. 

This is an indication that Ms Hopkins suffers from Alzheimer’s or is an alien masquerading as a mummy. Here's what the Australians had to say about Katie's comments:

I know a name is just a name. But I would bet my bottom dollar that if Apple’s mummy showed up at her children's playground, Katie Hopkins would not snub the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow.

I also would wager that with a name like Grayson Perry, the image of a distinguished philanthropist, or maybe a Fortune 500 CEO would take form in her mind's eye...

Oops, she did it again!

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