Thursday, 8 August 2013

Alpha Male & Best Friends

If you believe that a youngish, attractive an Alpha Male is immune to Shebug’s talons, reconsider… First it was Shane Warne, New Zealand’s renown cricket super star who succumbed to a Shebug noose.

Simon Cowell, 53, is the latest to slip into a Shebug-with-a-past’s grasp. I will concede, he is not half as handsome as the New Zealander is—or rather, was pre-Hurley – but he retains his masculinity despite his Hollywood makeover and choice of bristly doormat hairdo. Fully loaded and armed with global recognition, why would Mr X Factor himself opt to kiss his ego-driven diet of sex-for-a-song adieu?

Enter Lauren Silverman, wife of property developer Andrew Silverman. The couple have a seven year old son.  The Silvermans have spent a handful of island holidays with Simon and his date-of-the-month since 2011. Lauren, 37, is now pregnant with Simon’s love child. Andrew is Simon’s best friend - up until the baby bomb dropped.

Her day job reads 'New York Socialite', much like a Paris Hilton, though physically the brunette is cut from pure Kardashian cloth. Interestingly, she could pass for Simon’s ex-girlfriend's doppelganger.

Lauren is no stranger to controversy despite the seventeen-year age gap with her lover. The news reported that she was taken out of school at sixteen and immediately placed elsewhere the day her parents found about Lauren's affair with a 26 year old married English teacher. But does a Shebug ever look back? Never! As we speak, Mrs Silverman is shipping her things to the new $10 million pad lover Simon has bought for her. 

As a man spoiled for choice, why her? Lauren is a married woman. Her husband is a millionaire. In my exposé, Shebug: Dissecting the Gold Digger, I shed light on the highly focussed serial Shebugs who trade up when the opportunity presents itself. Mind you, I could be wrong about her. 

Oh, did I mention the British media mogul is worth $350 million?

I also reveal why Shebugs with high profile exes manage to ooze a je ne sais quoi pheromone irresistible to influential men. To the Alpha Male, it is the equivalent of successfully claiming his opponent’s booty; it’s the domineering five-year in the playground looking to appropriate another’s bigger, shinier and louder toy.  

As we speak, both Andrew and Simon are sharpening their swords for when they do battle in the divorce courts.

Take it from Coco Chanel herself: “As long as you know men are like children, you know everything!”

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