Thursday, 1 August 2013

Shebug Pub Quiz

Guess who ranks number 7 out of the US TV Guide’s 2013 ‘The Nastiest Villains of All Time’ list? 

Let me give you a few clues about the memorable antagonist everyone loved to hate:

·      She exchanged wedding vows with four men
·      Was left a widow twice
·      Divorced two husbands
·      Is bent on destroying husband Number One
·      Smokes Nat Sherman cigarillos
·      Was schooled in Switzerland
·      Dropped out of The Royal Academy of Arts
·      Lives for lip gloss
·      Wears hat exquisitely
·      Born a Gemini
·      Worked as an artist’s model in Belgium
·      Has a one-night stand with her cousin’s husband
·    Weds her first husband’s super-rich arch-rival
·     Nearly drowns
·     Has a secret ex-jailbird sister
·     Resorts to firing a shotgun to what she wants
·     Owns a Rocky Mountain newspaper
·     Uses shoulder pads as her armour
·  Sashays about in satin nightgowns - also equipped with shoulder pads
·     Had a baby kidnapped 
·    Falsely assigns different fathers to her children other than their own to stir up the nest
·     Drips in diamonds, rubies and emeralds 
·     Favours furs and stilettos
·     Lived in Acapulco for a spell
·     Spews venom in an exquisite British accent
·     Owns a five-star hotel and an enviable percent of an oil company
·  Provoked her ex-husband’s angelic wife to the point of a cat-fight that held viewers across the globe spellbound!

Her name – a mouthful of mouthfuls - is Alexis Morrell Carrington Colby Dexter Rowan.

Joan Collins played the role to purrfection. I have had the privilege of seeing 'La Collins' in London, close-up. She sat at a table next to mine at a restaurant on Beauchamp Place called San Lorenzo. Petite, immaculately coiffed and in full seamless make-up, the brunette commanded a table that sat eight people.

But rather that reek of Poison, her perfume was that of Joy, as she and her real family enjoyed a merry lunch out. Lucky for us, this English actress is anything but a Shebug in real life... Bravo Joan!

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  1. That fight scene has to be up there in the Top Ten of screen fights! So funny!!!