Monday, 11 August 2014

Ladies of London

A very successful switched on Californian who follows my blog – and has read every Shebug book and novel I have ever written – tipped me off to this delicious State-side show: Ladies of London.

It’s no Downton Abbey. Au contraire: it’s Reality TV. Mind you, I do not ‘do’ reality TV. Too many fabulous people I care to mention are inexplicably addicted to ‘Made in Chelsea’. I had this shot taken, for my daughters’ sake, naturellement, when they were filming outside my house. His name is Fred, and is rather sweet, actually. The other blonde flanking him lives a few doors down and was all too happy to include herself in the picture.

Ladies in London is not about too-rich-&-too bored twenty-somethings, but rather a blend of seven 30+ über-high maintenance women. Fortunately, two brunettes break up the sea of professionally coiffed shades of blondes who sometimes pass for a multiple set of the Olsen twins until they open their mouths.
Please note that the cast of characters fragrant with Eau de Furball is listed alphabetically and not by size of ego.

Yanks (all married to the Queen’s Subjects)

Caprice Bourret: Pregnant Queen Bee
Julie Montagu: Yoga/Wellness Warrior, now Lady Hichingbrook, daughter-in-law of Earl of Sandwich. For real.
Juliet Angus: Brunette Fashion Consultant/ Stylist
Marissa Hermer: Married to successful restaurateur/nightclub entrepreneur. Works in family business.
Noelle Reno: Fashion Entrepreneur/TV presenter


Annabel Neilsen: Carla Bruni’s sister (well, she could pass for one), socialite/author.
Caroline Stanbury: The other Queen Bee.  Society stylist who runs luxury gifting, personal shopping & wedding shops.

The 2.5 Yanks to Brits - the latter ready to defend their Queen-dom to the end - makes for a purrrfect beehive buzzing with hilarious dialogue and blood-letting repartee… Below are a select few of them:

When all are invited to spend a weekend at Mapperton House, Julie’s husband’s ancestral estate…

“What are we having for dinner?”
Gasps ensue.
“Oh, I know, it’s…Bambi.”
‘But it’s not eating Bambi!”

The British Queen Bee makes a running commentary on her friends as they arrive in their finery to dine at Mapperton House…

“Juliet looks like a scullery maid. I want to give her a duster! Marissa looks like she’s going to a toga party…”

Here’s a good observation made by Marissa on the night if ever there was one…

“I don’t know what it is about British aristocracy, but the more aristocratic they are, you can always assume there will be a few eccentrics around.”

Such a priceless scoop. I'm already hooked!


  1. Fabulous! Where can i watch it?

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