Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Attention Grabber

Shebugs have more weapons in their arsenal than the CIA and MI6 combined no matter how they looked when beginning their careers.

Though some are obvious in every way, not all Shebugs use the same tracking and hunting methods to milk a millionaire or to get their claws on ill-earned positions of power. But when one opts for tactics that cause a celebrity crowd to quiver, the Shebug’s name surfaces for all to see. And to remember.

Liz Hurley rates as the perfect example of an attention grabber. The two words uttered the day she stole the spotlight from Hugh Grant were, “That DRESS!”

And rightly so:  ceasing the golden opportunity to strike loud and hard, Ms Hurley opted to deploy a black Versace’s gown for the occasion complete with peek-a-boo slits held by strategically placed gold safety pins. On that evening, the unknown arm candy’s secured her name in celebrity-dom.

Unlike her ex-boyfriend, Hugh, whom I see frequently sipping his morning coffee along the Fulham Road, I once bumped into Ms Hurley – or rather, her bump nearly bumped into me…

I was at a Knightsbridge store placidly admiring the goodies when I loud voice broke the calm of the shoppers. Everyone’s head lifted as if on cue.  A brunette in high-heel boots and painted on jeans strode in from the winter cold with a flamboyant yes-man in tow.

It was impossible not to look, no matter how discrete everyone was trying to be. Chatting incessantly, the heavily pregnant woman wore a roll neck that only covered half her belly. In fact, her unborn child turned around the corner to where I stood seconds before the rest of Liz Hurley caught up. I gathered that the two-inch coat of lip-gloss she wore was to detract from her unwashed hair. Make-up can work miracles for a girl short on time.

Her ex-boyfriend, Hugh, whom I see on occasions enjoying his mid-morning latte along the Fulham Road, is anything but an attention seeker. In fact, more often than not, he looks pained to be recognized by others, no matter how accidental or subtle the glance.

Ms Hurley went for fame longevity from the minute she chose ‘that dress’. The model/actress lost no time reshaping all she could think of to keep her head above the competitive celeb fray, from brows width to lip size, bra cup to hairstyle. Her attempts to bag Billionaire Bing might have backfired, but she did nab a handsome textile heir, and is poised to pounce on prosperous prospect cricket star, Shane Warne.

If she succeeds again, the entire population of Australia hopes the couple has a daughter. That way poor Shane can get back his rugged manly looks, while Liz plays the makeover game with someone better suited to highlights, brow plucks, Botox and tanning salons.

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