Thursday, 3 January 2013

Rolling a Stone up the Aisle

Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose as the French say.  Too true, the more it changes, the more it stays the same. Case in point? Guitarist Ronnie Wood. This Rolling Stone tied the knot for a third time with a woman named Sally Humphreys.

As you can observe below, his first two wives look very different from Sally: both are blondes.

Surprisingly, his new choice of bride comes as a brunette. Clearly, Sally is not supposed to be a newer model of versions one and two. That would frightfully catty thought, wouldn’t it?

Sally is everything he has not been for decades: young, hungry and bearing a passport that clocks her at thirty-four.

Ronnie’s multi-visa, multi-paged version reads sixty-five; his new father-in-law, Colin,  is a year older than this Rolling Stone.

Colin Humphreys is thrilled about his daughter's choice, but not because his new son-in-law is worth over £20 million, but because Ronnie is now able to join Colin and his wife down Memory Lane at every holiday gathering. 

Yet not all will be that cozy as it appears chez-The New Mrs Woods. Is is because only one of his four children is a few years younger than the stepmother? A point to ponder...

It might help smooth out many a wrinkle if dad were to offer £1 million he just earned to each of his children from four recent Rolling Stone gigs. But what about their dear mummy?

It looks to me like it is too bothersome a dilemma for an ex-theatre producer to dwell just now--or ever.

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