Monday, 28 January 2013

SHEBUG Origin: Argentina

Argentine Gabriela Guido understood the power of flexibility and the advantages of a having captive audience. So it came as no surprise when she joined the one association that met her lofty requirements: The Mile High Club.

The perky trolley dolly snaps up an ideal candidate who offers her the life she has dreamed of. But when Argentina’s tango-like politics constrict her husband’s purse, Gabriela takes to the skies again in search of foreign prey.

Tom, a divorced American MIT engineer, cannot resist the Latin vixen. He marries not only Gabriela, but also her entire family of hangers on. So when he is promoted and they relocate to Colombia, not even his increase in salary or substantial house complete with large staff can wipe the look of disappointment off his wife’s face.

Suddenly, tragedy strikes and Gabriela needs to take decisive action. She becomes a media sensation overnight, which catapults her out of dangerous Bogota and right into sultry Miami.

But can she live with herself? You bet!

SHEBUG Origin: Argentina is one in a series of Shebug Stories, which transport you into the intriguing world of gold diggers.

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