Shebug Stories


Travel First Class perched upon a Shebug's shoulder and venture into forbidden territory you can only fantasize about in the Shebug Stories series.

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Book 1
SHEBUG Origin: Russia

Russian gold digger, Paulina, rates as anatomically perfect. Working her ‘ways’ from St Petersburg to Moscow, the glamazon jumps from artist’s model to super model in an effort to land sexy oligarch, Nikolai, who is destined to swell his coffers abroad.
Entry into London’s Russian mafia allows Paulina to gorge herself on luxury like an addict working in a cocaine laboratory. But the more lucrative Nikolai’s deals become, the more dangerous the enemies he attracts.
Syrian-born Khalid sets out to terminate the Russian encroachment into his territories. Nikolai soon becomes his top target.
Khalid’s choice of weapon takes the exquisite shape of bored-and blackmailed, Paulina herself.
The smooth-talking Arab feels convinced the simplicity of using his enemy’s wife is a stroke of genius.
Or is it?

SHEBUG Origin: Russia is one in a series of Shebug Stories, which transport you into the intriguing world of gold diggers.

Book 2
SHEBUG Origin: Argentina

Argentine Gabriela Guido understood the power of flexibility and the advantages of a having captive audience. So it came as no surprise when she joined the one association that met her lofty requirements: The Mile High Club.
The perky trolley dolly snaps up an ideal candidate who offers her the life she has dreamed of. But when Argentina’s tango-like politics constrict her husband’s purse, Gabriela takes to the skies again in search of foreign prey.
Tom, a divorced American MIT engineer, cannot resist the Latin vixen. He marries not only Gabriela, but also her entire family of hangers on. So when he is promoted and they relocate to Colombia, not even his increase in salary or substantial house complete with large staff can wipe the look of disappointment off his wife’s face.
Suddenly, tragedy strikes and Gabriela needs to take decisive action. She becomes a media sensation overnight, which catapults her out of dangerous Bogota and right into sultry Miami.
But can she live with herself? You bet!

SHEBUG Origin: Argentina is one in a series of Shebug Stories, which transport you into the intriguing world of gold diggers.

Book 3
SHEBUG Origin: England

Lazy to the core, the opportunist secretary trawling for an affluent solicitor knows a golden prospect when she sees one--even if her target is an American.  Miranda Mellor’s plumy British accent and whippet thin physique are not the only aces in her deck of dirty cards…
Behind her comely face lies a cunning and dangerous hunter. However, in Brandon Brocklehurst III’s eyes, the pale face, doting English girl is the cure to his broken heart.
What Miranda does not bank on is Brandon’s twin sister, Brenda, an Alpha Female with x-ray vision and a taste for adventure.
The endurance of the women’s patience for one another gets put to the test when they all gather for a family holiday at the Brocklehurst’s stunning hacienda in Mexico.
It goes to show that a man can be smart, yet not smart enough.

SHEBUG Origin: England is one in a series of Shebug Stories, which transport you into the intriguing world of gold diggers.

Book 4

Enter the final protagonist in the Shebug Stories series: SHEBUG DIVA! This specimen is the only ‘glitterbug’, a Shebug with an ego the size of the firmament itself…

Bettina Bulmers has but one focus in life: to become a screen star. Her first step is to ditch her lacklustre name for one that can never be forgotten: Artemisia Ardente.

The year is 1966. The well-educated Jersey girl is under no illusions.  She knows full well that the road to fame is pitted and arduous. So when mild-mannered Mike Middleton cycles past her on campus, the Theatre Studies sophomore looses no time and pounces on him like a panther on a Pomeranian.

This alliance places her face to face with America’s literary legend silver fox playwright, Howard Middleton - her father-in-law.

Dark secrets are committed, tempers combust but persistence secures Artemisia the chance of a lifetime. In record time, La Ardente’s name is on every studio’s lips – and on those of Hollywood’s top box office Adonis, New Zealander Eric Brena.

Artemisia and Eric soon become the most photographed couple in the world with every key studio in Hollywood vying for their attention.

But fame blinds, temptation on set is rife and the competition is a killer…

In the starry Land of Legends there is only enough oxygen for one Superstar.

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