What is a Shebug?

The word Shebug does not appear in any book on mythology, religion or history. It is a term I coined to describe the ingeniously camouflaged, fully armed pestilent gold digger. 

A Shebug is just as she sounds: half woman, half insect, enviably well-equipped to wreak substantial havoc if you are not careful...

The Shebug might look like a diaphanous butterfly, but she’ll sting like a wasp. No matter how charming and demure--sexy and deliciously exciting she might appear--her drug is somebody else’s hard earned or inherited big bundle of bucks. And she’ll do anything to get her hands on another’s fortunes.

Your hard earned achievements smell equally tempting to the Shebug. She will watch you toil at a distance cleverly cloaked in her unique camouflage, ready to snatch your ideas no sooner you polish them before presenting to your boss -- re-labeled under her name! 

World history pages brim over with tales of high flyer Shebugs. Dwell on the plethora of Shebugs showcased in the Bible, literature, mythology, art, and feel the chilly tingle creep up your spine.

And what about Scarlett O’Hara, feisty Southern Belle who picks off her own sister’s fiancĂ© in order to secure her own financial footing?  Ouch...

Forewarned is forearmed: by listening and observing what really goes through a Shebug’s manipulative mind puts --and keeps you -- in pole position. 

For life!