The Guide to Gold Diggers

This satirical exposé provides a cohesive, in-depth examination of the trickster leech. It covers all one needs to know: from how to protect against her kind, to discovering the signs before she inflicts irreparable damage. 

Illustrated and easy to follow, the guide exposes her array of cunning camouflage and highlights her below-the-belt tactics. 

As the only guide of its kind, this entertaining manual will enable victims--male and female--to effectively nail an approaching Shebug with the optimal “repellant”, from the moment the creepy crawly comes within shooting distance of her targeted man. Or job opportunity...

You are guaranteed to pick up a delectable trick or two. But use your new knowledge wisely; stooping to a Shebug’s level is neither wise, respectable nor recommended. Karma is alive and well, though most of us rarely have the pleasure of seeing her in action! 

Post your Shebug (or Hebug!) close calls and encounters on the blog. If you have been bitten and need advice, I’m listening!